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Success just in time for All4Adventure star Jason Andrews

OVERNIGHT success for Doonan documentary star Jason Andrews was more than four years in the making and arrived only after he and his wife were down to just enough money
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But with the trailer of the fifth season of his series All4Adventure recording 830,000 YouTube views in less than a week, it’s fair to say he now has more than a little confidence about the future.

The first of the 12 one hour episodes that comprise series five goes to air on 7Two this Saturday from 5.30pm
cheap Michael Kors outlet with a huge viewing audience across the country already locked in, anxious to find out how and if he and mate Simon Anderson extricate themselves from a muddy bog and a rapidly incoming tide on Lorella Springs Station in the Gulf.

That’s not bad for a 41 year old former construction industry worker who
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But while Jase may have entered the film industry with just a camera he wasn’t sure how to use bought from e Bay he didn’t lack in life experience or an understanding of how to handle himself in remote locations.

replica Michael Kors handbags the time he was 23 he
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A job as a construction supervisor and a youth spent growing up
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Jase and Simon train really hard to stay fit and healthy, prerequisites for getting themselves out of the ridiculously isolated places they get themselves into.

"It’s the real deal,” he says with some
cheap michael kors pride. "We’re not living it up at resorts and crap like that. There is no bullshit.”

To get to the moment captured on their YouTube trailer required them to cut a 40km track through the bush and placed them six hours from the nearest settlement.

"It’s been a tough journey but we’re really starting to get some momentum,” Jase said. "My wife and I have spent four solid years putting anything and everything into this right down to the last mortgage payment.

"A mate rang and said he had a job for me ready to role at Onslow, but I had to say sorry I just signed a contract with Southern Cross Ten.”

Shows like All4Adventure pay for the airtime they use and make their way through the support of sponsors, in Jase’s case EFS Enhanced 4wd Suspension and TJM.

Jase puts the show’s success down to the desire of viewers to tap into the spirit of adventure and pleasure of seeing people have a crack.

They clearly exist in numbers. Globally All4Adventure’s YouTube channel was viewed for two million minutes by 372,000 Australians, 77,600 Russians and 92,000 Americans between October 12 and November 10.

The trailer for the new series is attracting 60,000 views a day and will have
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