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and art); that human beings are lazy by nature (which leads to distrust in professional management); and that all companies can be divided into those that think and those that execute. The Taylor approach measures the time spent on tasks and it promotes specialization. On the contrary, Leonardian environments promote curiosity, vocation, apprenticeship, initiative, dynamism, mastery, reputation, legacy As examples, I have cited Toyota, Nokia and Apple; one from each continent. In any case, companies are neither 100% Leonardian nor 100% Taylorist but have various proportions of one or the other. A different issue is that the educational system usually penalizes dyslexics. Nevertheless, nature itself served as Leonardo school. It is the willingness to dedicate your body and soul to what pleases you the most and satisfies you entirely. Leonardo discovered his vocation for the arts in the environment of his grandparents house between the age of five and 16, and from his uncle Francesco. He also had the enormous good

Third jersey to be worn for Rams game After a successful debut in a victory over the 49ers in 2010 and a tremendous response from the fans, the Packers historic navy blue jerseys will return vs. the Rams on Oct. 16 at Lambeau Field. The recreation of the team’s uniform is from 1929, the year of Green Bay’s first of 13 world championships. The navy jerseys with the oversized gold circle on the front,
Wholesale jerseys plain brown helmets and tan pants quickly went into the lore of the club’s 13th championship season last year. The 34 16 win over San Francisco on Dec. 5 included one of the most unforgettable plays of the year Donald Driver’s rambling, 61 yard catch and run for a touchdown through a handful of defenders. The jerseys, sideline
Wholesale jerseys gear and fan collection have also become among the most popular items for fans. The sideline apparel theme last year also dated back to the 1920s, with many of the selections featuring "Acme Packers," the team name from 1921 22. The sideline gear will feature several new designs this season, and the fan collection has also been updated. "I think our fans have a great appreciation for the history and tradition of the Packers, and having the jersey of the first championship that the team won was special to them," Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said. "These uniforms are also so different and unique because they are navy blue that our fans really appreciate them. They were something no one had seen before." The Packers only wear the historical jersey for home games, and when the Packers host St. Louis on Oct. 16, it will be the first noon kickoff of 2011 at Lambeau Field. NFL teams are allowed to have a third jersey for up to three games per season over a five year period. Many teams pick an alternate color to their existing jersey. The Packers elected to honor the team that started the organization’s tradition of accomplishment. The 1929 team actually clinched the first of three consecutive titles.

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